Shenzhen Advanced Technology Company is a electronic science and technology private enterprise established in 2009, We are specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling digital Parts and accessories; Car industry, medical industry connectors/connection cable design, machining and assembly; Customers on products development and supporting services.

Shenzhen Advanced Technology Company is a high-tech private enterprise, established in 2009, Main digital zero (with) member R & D, manufacturing and processing, marketing services; automotive, medical and other industries connectors / connections cable assembly design and processing; customers products development and support services.

Major customers include NEC (diversified products), TDK (diversified products), VIEWSONIC (display manufacturers), Pantum(the leading brand of domestic brand printers) and other large enterprises at home and abroad. (We has established staid cooperation with some big enterprise at home and abroad, such as NEC, TDK, VIEWSONIC, Pantum and so on.)
Our company adhere to the quality of legislation plant, service first philosophy, focusing on creating excellent design team, continue to introduce industry professionals, the introduction of advanced equipment to ensure that the pace of keeping up with the advanced technology; our company passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and related products based on customers need to meet the appropriate safety UL, CE, VDE certification, and there are a number of quality management personnel with extensive experience, learn new management methods, quality control capability steadily, while the company actively introduce relevant production / inspection / test equipment to ensure that the factory quality and stability; in recent years by a large international customer service, we have accumulated rich experience in assurance, based on customer handling emergency plan timely availability and quality, with specialization / personalization functional requirements can be timely response to market changes quickly to help customers adjust to meet customer / market requirements, provide customers with the largest market of interest. Company leaders through humane management, heavy investment, heavy welfare, thus creating a stable and vibrant, talented outstanding team.

Looking to the future, all colleagues of the shenzhen Advanced technology co., LTD., high spirit, go all out to specialized, high-demand, high-quality level of service our high-end customers, and look forward to your patronage